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The Research Tree   Before you invest your funds into any emerging or established medical business, medical device, or medical market product, or if you just wish to design/expand/relocate your medical business/ practice model, or if you have been enticed to get on board with an exciting new joint medical venture, call us FIRST!    Our “Information Broker Consultancy” excels in gleaning market trends and conditions affecting your short/long term buisness model, your competition, geographic location, and relative regulatory concerns; all of which, can realistically help you to anticipate profit/loss investment potential. We will provide you with treasure troves of valuable information and important contacts to help you  gain the informative competitive edge you need to avoid costly mistakes and maximize your returns.   Our comprehensive reporting is structured upon a vast array of  recognized authoritative resources.  Depending on the scope of project a dedicated team of analysts work diligently to integrate statistical and verifiable correlations, adding skeletal structural to your business model. You can confidently anticipate that we have the skills to produce the most relevant & unbiased “Highest and Best Use” Market Data research analytics for “your” medical enterprise venture and/or facilitate matching funds to launch your project.  With a strong eye towards advancing new medical technologies we also partner with Universities across the Globe to facilitate market implementation and marketing of medical device patents by matching entrepreneurs with excited investors who wish to advance a global footprint.  With a strong eye towards humanitarian endeavors, we also  facilitate the end-point matching of micro-financing for small business entrepreneurs who have developed a unique business model to market and sell their handmade product or provide remote service/skills within the USA.  We effectively present their business plan to interested investors, and promote startup assistance & oversight of organizational structure during the first year.    Investors interested in acquiring long-term profit from launching value based New Medical Patent Technologies, and/or assist with Micro-Cap Funding for small business start-ups are encouraged to become our partners.    TOGETHER WE “CAN” MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
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